Toucan Lab (TC4)

Led by Prof. Haas, TC4 will validate research outputs as they are being developed in TC0, TC1, TC2  & TC3 by staged deployment into a unique multi-technology experimental platform: The TOUCAN Lab that will enable validation of the TOUCAN architecture and its unique solutions, through a series of extensive technology evaluation cycles, real-world use case studies and user trials.

This experimental infrastructure will be implemented by interconnecting, through JANET UK dedicated connectivity services (see LoS), leading-edge technology test-beds, network emulation facilities and system simulation platforms distributed across the Universities of Bristol, Edinburgh, Heriot-Watt, and Lancaster.

Moreover, the TOUCAN Lab will provide access to High Performance Computing platforms at Edinburgh and Bristol, trial networks such as the Bristol citywide research and test network, the National Dark Fibre Infrastructure (NDFIS) and international test-beds. This will allow TOUCAN to offer a platform for joint experimentation between the various TCs to ensure the required cross-fertilization and re-balancing of work in order to deliver the TOUCAN vision.

The TOUCAN Lab will also be an important instrument for dissemination and impact creation providing opportunities for hosting technologies and researchers from other academic and industrial institutions at national and international level.