Software Defined Network (SDN) solutions (TC2)

TC2, managed by Prof. Mark Beach, is fundamental for enabling the technology agnostic features of the TOUCAN architecture (TC0). This will be achieved through a novel control and management framework (a Converged Network Hypervisor8), the design of which utilises SDN principles such as resource abstraction & virtualisation to provide a platform that is agnostic with respect to the underlying technology.

One of the key challenges in applying these principles in a unified manner across the optical and wireless domains is to ensure that abstraction captures the varying properties of the physical infrastructure in an efficient way while hiding technology specific information from the higher layers. In this context, abstraction aims to generate technology independent network entities, which will be built on the resource description framework provided by TC1.

The multidimensional infrastructure virtualisation mechanism will work in harmony with existing IT virtualisation mechanisms (ITaware virtualisation) and will offer converged and end-to-end.