University of Bristol

The University of Bristol will lead the Programme and will contribute world-leading expertise in the areas of Optical Networking, Wireless Communications and Software Defined Networking.  Bristol also brings unique laboratory assets and state-of-the-art experimental test-beds in these technology areas.

The University of Bristol will involve researchers from two world-renowned research groups: the High Performance Networks Group and the Communications Systems and Networks Group.

Lead contacts

Professor Dimitra Simeonidou – Director, Smart Internet Lab/Co-director, Bristol Digital Futures Institute.

Professor Mark Beach – Professor of Radio Systems Engineering.

Professor Simeonidou’s research focuses in the fields of High Performance Networks, Software Defined Networking and Smart City infrastructures.  She is the author and co-author of over 400 publications, numerous patents and several major contributions to standards.

Professor Beach’s core focus of his research is the application of multi-element antenna systems (also known as Multiple-Input Multiple-Output [MIMO] or Smart Antennas) to enhance the performance of wireless systems in terms of higher data rates, whilst conserving both bandwidth and power.  Fundamental to the successful design and deployment of such systems is an in-depth understanding of the multi-dimensional wireless channel, necessitating joint characterisation of both the antenna elements and the propagation medium.