Technology Agnostic Architecture (TC0)

The development of the Technology Agnostic Architecture is the key unifying activity in the Programme and will be led by Prof. Dimitra Simeonidou.  The architecture will be driven by demands generated from emerging and forecast application with trends of increasing volume, granularity and diversity and will drive coordinated research as defined in the TOUCAN technology enablers.

TC0 will define and design the key functionalities of the TOUCAN architecture in order to realise the principle TOUCAN attributes, which are: technology agnostic, futureproof infrastructure and service convergence across heterogeneous technology domains and network layers.  To achieve these attributes, TOUCAN will adopt the SDN principles, including separation of data and control planes, hardware commoditisation, and infrastructure programmability.

TC0 will generate and maintain the overarching vision of TOUCAN, which will drive the objectives of all TCs.