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Invited paper: ‘Introduction to indoor networking concepts and challenges in LiFi’

Abstract LiFi is networked, bi directional wireless communication with light.  It is used to connect fixed and mobile devices at very high data rates by harnessing the visible light and infrared spectrum.  Combined, these spectral resources are 2600 times larger than the entire radio frequency (RF) spectrum.  This paper provides the motivation behind why LiFi […]

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European Workshop of Software Defined Networks (EWSDN) HandsOn/Hackathon (28-29th September 2015)

Two TOUCAN researchers from the University of Bristol (Sarvesh Bidkar and Kyriakos Sideris) participated in the European Workshop of Software Defined Networks (EWSDN HandsOn/Hackathon.  This workshop took place in Bilbao, Spain on the 28th and 29th of September 2015.  The organisers of this event were the I2T Group, University of the Basque Country – Bilbao, ON.Lab and CREATE-NET. On […]

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