Year 3 Annual Plenary meeting (20th-21st November 2017)

In November 2017, we enjoyed a hugely successful Year 3 Annual Plenary and review meeting.


We welcomed our funders, the EPSRC, to the annual meeting, as well as the project’s Strategic Advisory Board (SAB), who’s invaluable perspective feedback is always appreciated.


Great output is not easily won.  The TOUCAN project had much to celebrate.


As well as showcasing the ground-breaking work, which, as the SAB Chair John Manley commented, has been achieved with great momentum.  At the meeting, the future work of the project (the next two years) was presented and discussed.


Undoubtedly, the final two years of the project will bring many challenges, but these are now perceptible and tangible.


In the proposal, we promised to advance grand challenges, and were looking beyond the horizon.  With the current trajectory, the path to the TOUCAN vision is clear, and we are looking beyond a new horizon.